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10 Aug

All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair! (part 1)

woman with fine hair walking in the country

How do you know if you have fine hair? Is your straight hair having a hard time holding a curl in place? Does your hair look weightless and each hair strand ready to “fly away”? Then your hair is probably fine! But you could be fooled; fine wavy or curly hair appears to have more volume.

Hair texture is determined by the width of the hair strand, and fine hair has the smallest diameter of all three.

Texture hair types:

  • fine
  • medium (or normal)
  • coarse

The fact is that fine hair, either straight or curly, is easily damaged because of its thin structure. But the most disturbing combination is when the hair is also straight and oily. Then the hair looks lifeless, flat, limp, greasy and so difficult to style!

1) Fine hair 

Do you know your hair type?

It’s important to understand your hair’s needs. Is your hair texture thin? Don’t confuse it with hair density which is the number of hair strands found in one square inch of scalp. Hair texture is about the strand’s diameter.

Take one hair strand and see if it’s visible. Can you see it easily? No? Ok, you have fine hair.

  • Is it oily, normal or dry?
  • Is it straight, wavy or curly?
  • What’s your hair’s porosity level; low, normal or high?

Hair with high porosity absorbs and loses moisture with ease. On the other hand, low porosity hair has a difficulty getting the moisture in. But it’s hard to lose it too.

(quick test to help you figure out the porosity level:  place a strand in a glass of water.

-It’s high, if it sinks quickly.

-It’s normal, if it takes some time to sink.

-It’s low, if it floats near the top).

All of these parameters are equally important to determine your hair care regimen.

Ok, now you know you hair type. Would you like to give some volume to your bodiless hair?


Part 1: Washing & Conditioning

All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair! (part 1)

2) Deep conditioning for fine hair

Are pre-shampoo hair treatments for you?

Deep conditioning is great for each hair type. Yes, yours too! You only need to find the right one. Pre-poo treatments give your hair nutrients for moisture, strength and healthy growth, such as vitamins A, C, E, biotin and proteins.

Just because you have fine hair it doesn’t mean you can’t have pre-poo treatments.

You may have fine hair but it could be damaged, frizzy or even dry. However, if you have oily scalp but your fine hair needs the strength and structure, just avoid using too oil-based remedies.

Two Pre-poo Recipes

Best treatment for fine hair is with proteins, like yogurt or eggs. Check out this recipe with egg & olive oilUse the white part of the egg which has all the proteins. Bonus tip: how to make the smell more bearable!

I’ve also tried another pre-poo treatment that could be suited for fine hair. It’s the 2nd recipe for strength and volume. One of the ingredients is orange which gave extra volume to my hair.


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3) Shampoo for fine hair

Are you on the hunt for the right shampoo?

Look for volumising and invigorating shampoos which can make the hair roots stand up high!

Ingredients that can give you a hand with that are:

  • Proteins, such as keratin which makes the hair stronger and thicker.
  • Panthenol works by improving the hair elasticity and moisture retention. It’s a derivative of vitamin B5 which can penetrate your hair root and shaft by increasing its diameter.

(Great, right?)

  • Usually fine hair goes hand in hand with oily scalps. If this is your case then choose shampoos that are designed for this condition. These shampoos have oil-stripping ingredients such as clay or salicylic acid. Be aware, salicylic acid is too powerful and can irritate your scalp.

(I definitely vote for clay; read my review on this over-the-counter shampoo with clay).

  • Fine hair is easily weighted down, that’s why you also need to use shampoos with clarifying properties. What it does? It clarifies your hair and scalp from product built up and other compounds from the environment, the air, the chemicals in the water, the sea salt or the chlorine from swimming pools.

(Note: don’t use clarifying shampoos more than once a week).

  • Also organic shampoos that are sulfate free and have pure plant-based ingredients, like aloe vera, green tea or fruit extracts can help as well.

(These shampoos are more expensive but you can understand why, right?)

Why don’t you take some ideas? 

(each image links to more info)


1- Don’t wash your hair every single day! It triggers your scalp to produce more oil. If you can’t stand the oiliness , try this trick; use only water on your hair (at least every other wash) or a mix with water and apple cider vinegar rinse (once a week).

2- Don’t wash your hair with hot water! You’re damaging the hair and you’re making the scalp’s oiliness worse.

4) Conditioner for fine hair

Any ideas for conditioning?

Rinses are the most natural way to condition your hair. After washing your hair, you can have a final rinse with water and:

(take your pick)

  • vinegar
  • apple cider vinegar
  • beer
  • rice
  • lemon (for blond shades)
  • rosemary (for dark shades)

(but don’t have a hair rinse every time you wash!..not good!)

As a general rule stay away from hair products that are designed for making the hair soft.

These products most likely have oils and ingredients that will weigh down your hair. If your hair is fine, straight and oily I would strongly suggest refraining from using hair masks after shampooing. Especially from those that are for hydrating and smoothing the hair.

You can find conditioning products that have natural ingredients and are designed for fine hair.

Here are two lovely ideas!

klorane conditioning balm flax fiber
kiehl's rice and wheat volumizing conditioning rinse

Click on each image for more info.

You can also visit  KLORANE or KIEHL’S  and search for your country.

Klorane Flax Fiber For Fine Hair

Moreover, KLORANE FLAX FIBER hair line for fine and limp hair has a shampoo and a leave-in spray.

Kerastase Volumifique For Fine Hair

And we can’t forget the famous hair line VOLUMIFIQUE by KERASTASE for fine hair in need of volume and structure.

P.S.1- The products suggested in here are ideas for your convenience and they AREN’T affiliate links.

P.S.2- I haven’t used them personally, because my hair type is normal to coarse. However, the companies are reputable and I have used some other of their products.

P.S.3- Please have in mind the shipping information.

Fine Hair Series

part 2: All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair; 5+15 Fine Hair Tips

part 3: All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair; Hairstyling & Coloring


Please let me know if this article was helpful. Which remedies or hair products have you used for your fine hair? 

To You With Love.

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  • Caroline McQueen

    You always give so much wonderful advice!

    August 17, 2016 at 11:15 am Reply
  • Chloé of beyond blessed

    I had never thought of my hair as fine until recently. It seems to be getting so flat on the top of my head… Might have to try a few of these tips! Thanks!


    August 24, 2016 at 4:47 pm Reply
  • Sammy

    Such amazing advice. I have learnt so much reading this blog post and now have lots to think about consider. Thank you xoxox

    August 25, 2016 at 3:29 pm Reply

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