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29 Aug

All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair! (part 3)

woman with short fine hair walking in the middle of the street

Defining fine hair can be tricky; not only you could have fine thin or thick, straight, wavy or curly hair, but also you could have different hair textures on your head. Yep, it’s a headache! However you can get a sense of it if you hold a single hair in between your finger tips. If you can’t feel it, then you have fine hair. Also this type of hair texture is usually so thin that light seems to pass through it. Check out more about definining fine hair texture and how you could wash and condition it properly.

If you’ve missed the first two parts there you go: part 1 & part 2.

Now I believe we are ready to dive into the 3rd and last part of the Fine Hair Series. This part is all about hair cutting, styling and coloring tips!


Part 3: Hairstyling & Coloring


check icon  Fine hair tips about haircutting

The right haircut can definitely help you create the illusion of volume. You’ll have to consider what haircuts for fine hair suit your face and which one best matches your lifestyle. Your hairdresser could help with that decision.

woman with short layers on long hair

1) If your hair is too thin avoid very long hair or short layers that have thinned-out ends. Otherwise, your hair will look weighed down and bodiless. Furthermore, the weight of the length will reveal your scalp’s skin.

2) For long hair, prefer straight cuts or structured haircuts with light long layers, to give your hair movement, density and a sense of thickness.

girl with bob haircut

3) Best choices for fine hair are short haircuts such as the pixie, the bob or the boy hair cut.  Also very flattering haircuts are the medium lengths, like the long pixie cut and as a rule of thumb, the collarbone length cuts with some layers framing the face.

4) If you have fine but wavy or curly hair, there is no need to straighten it. On the contrary, you should take advantage of your curls to give more volume to your hair. Stepped haircuts are great, but not too short on the top of the head. Also the haircut should follow the natural flow of the waves or curls.

woman with thinned-out hair ends


5) The strand of fine hair is the thinnest in diameter. That means that is prone to damage more easily than other hair types.  The damage starts with split ends, which are thinning the hair even more. That’s why you should have trims regularly to protect the lengths of your fine hair.

check icon  Fine hair tips about hairstyling

Styling your fine hair isn’t going to work if you haven’t used the right hair products and haven’t chosen the right haircut.

1) Start by drying your hair roots with a blow dryer. Drying it by flipping your head over will help create more volume. But be aware not to use very hot air near the roots because it could cause the opposite result. Heat makes hair oily.

2) For special occasion you could gently tease your hair on the top with a comb. Don’t do this often, because it causes hair damage!

woman with hair rollers

3) Velcro rollers are a very good idea! After your hair has dried put a few of Velcro rollers at the top triangle of your head for about 15 minutes (or more if you can). For more volume apply a light hairspray for fine hair and use the blow dryer on the rollers to hold the volume. Both the hairspray and the blow dryer shouldn’t be used close to the hair. Leave about 20-30cm distance, ok? After you take the Velcro rollers out gently, avoid brushing the hair. Use your hands to separate the curls and fluff the roots.

woman with defined hair part

4) Choose hairstyles that don’t have a defined part, to avoid exposing part of your scalp. Moreover, if your hair is trained to lay flat on one side, try to flip it and style your hair on the opposite side. That simple switch will create the illusion of more body on the top of your head. Another trick is to use a zigzag parting which is quite a trick if your hair is lying flat!

5) Also, I have to mention hair extensions, but you should be very careful which method you’ll use. You have to pick the one that has the lightest weight and strain on your hair. I’m not an expert in hair extensions so I can’t advice you properly. I’ve read that the tape in hair extension option is perfect to add volume and length to fine hair. But please ask the advice of a professional.

All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair! (part 3)

check icon  Fine hair tips about styling tools

Well, the less you use hot styling tools and blow dryers the better. Your fine hair is so delicate and soft that heat can make it brittle and dry.

woman with hair straightener

1) Opt for a lower temperature setting, since your hair texture doesn’t need the high heat.

woman with braids

2) If you have fine, long and straight hair sometimes you might want to create a curly or wavy style to gain some volume. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before styling and not to use a hot styling tool when your hair is still damp. Dry it first! If you want to avoid the heat, after you apply the volumizing mousse on damp hair, make 2-4 large braids and let it dry naturally. Then use your fingers to open the waves and don’t brush them.


check icon  Fine hair tips about hair coloring

Should you or shouldn’t dye your fine hair? There isn’t one and only correct answer to this question. Yes, coloring can make your hair look thicker and yes it could also damage the hair shaft by roughing it up. What can I say? Balance and moderation!

woman with highlights on dark hair

1) If your fine hair is dark, you can create (your hairstylist that is) lighter shades that diminish the contrast between your hair roots and the scalp’s skin.

2) A mix of highlights and lowlights (lighter and darker shades) can create the illusion of depth and make your lifeless strands look fuller.

woman with bleached hair

3) Avoid bleaching or overlightening which damage and break the hair shaft. In case you notice something different, like excessive hair loss, change the dye because some chemicals might not work well with your hair.

4) Some say henna can do the trick. It’ a natural plant-derived hair color that contains proteins. Have you ever used henna to dye your hair? Be careful if you want to apply henna and your hair has been chemically treated in any way. Better ask the hairstylist!

5) Don’t dye your fine hair too often. Protect it from damage and avoid applying the color all the way to the hair tips every time you dye your hair. If you don’t have to cover grey hair then using highlights/lowlights are the best choice, to extent the time between your hair salon appointments!


Fine Hair Series

part 1: All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair; Washing & Conditioning

part 2: All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair; 5+15 Fine Hair Tips


I’d love to read your thoughts and experiences! Have you something more to add? I’ll wait for you in the comments! 🙂

To You With Love.

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    Sending this over to my friend who does hair for a living. I think this will be extremely helpful!

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    Great post and thanks for all the tips. I have a Nordic fine hair and always struggle with volume – I just had a haircut in Finland last week and after blowdrying my hair the stylist used a mini crimber to add volume to the roots and it really worked.

    September 2, 2016 at 7:05 pm Reply
  • theCuriousPixie

    Brilliant tips for those with fine hair. Especially the styling ones as it can be so difficult to handle sometimes.

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