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How To Make Hair Mask For Dry Hair & Healthy Snack At The Same Time!
Does your hair look rough with split ends and messy and it seems it hasn’t been combed for days? Then you have plenty of reasons to use a hair mask. Do you feel your hair craving for a hair mask for dry hair? Then your hair is really thirsty. Here you go, three yummy home remedies for dry hair to choose from!
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woman looking in the mirror brushing her hair
Hair Growth Vitamins Deficiency? Look In The Mirror!
What's the big secret to healthy and beautiful hair? Well, it's not a secret anymore, but it's big alright! Did you know that the look of your hair and scalp can indicate hair growth vitamins deficiency? Isn’t this remarkable? Your good health depends mostly on a balanced diet consuming all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins (ok, and a little bit of exercise!).
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About Me

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Hello beautiful!

Welcome to my home.

I am super excited you found me! Now you are my guest, so please make yourself at home.


My name is Trinity Sevdalis.

I have a communications degree in advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism and 15 years of working experience in the communication sector. As a media and marketing communication executive I know how important is the art of researching, writing and conveying a message to the public. Over the course of time, I had the desire to employ my skills in writing about topics that I care about and reach out to people who care about them too.

I am deeply and profoundly passionate for learning, writing and sharing my knowledge. My other passion (…obsession!) is beautiful hair. I love seeing lovely women around me having divine and admirable hair.

Through the years I’ve had my share of compliments about my hair. Women often ask me what products I use and how do I take care of it. So, why not use my writing skills to share my experiences with you?

I take hair seriously but not out of vanity. Hair is not only beauty, is about health also.

A positive mindset plus a healthy body result in beautiful hair.

In the pursuit of finding the right hair product, we get too much information through the media, the internet and social media. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to choose among all these well-designed bottles that when you open them amazing aromas explode. The fact is that it’s not so easy to find the one that is good for your hair’s needs, and the pursuit never ends, right?

Although I can’t resist trying new products on the market, making a homemade hair product with all natural ingredients, is the healthiest thing to do. But I have to admit that some products out there can do a really good job.

The important thing is to keep the balance; mentally, physically, socially.


And now that you are still here (hopefully!), let me show you around.

I made this place driven by 5 reasons:

  • I couldn’t find the diversity I had visioned; a useful, entertaining and beautiful magazine about hair, keeping it simple with well-searched information, in an elegant and balanced way.
  • After a personal experience I found myself fascinated by the way our hair is connected and affected by our well-being. It inspired and motivated me so much that I had to spread the word.
  • I had a strong desire to communicate with nice people around the world who care about their hair, beyond beauty.
  • I understood that there are people out other with whom I share the same point of view.
  • It was my dream project which I wanted for years but I was always working long hours! Now, I finally made it and at the same time it feels like a big dive into the world.


A short version of my aha! moment.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

 Constitution of the World Health Organization
(The Definition has not been amended since 1948).

A beautiful person is a healthy person. I believe that. I experienced a constant working stress for years which eventually took a toll on my health. I was caught up in a lifestyle where I was living just by working, glued on a chair in an office. I didn’t exercise, I wasn’t eating right, I was forgetting to drink water, I didn’t have time for friends and mood for social gatherings, my brain never stopped working even in my sleep.

(maybe this story sounds familiar to you).

For 2-3 years my hair was falling like crazy (luckily I had a lot of hair so it didn’t show), my locks were dry and so hard to comb. I was sad and my hair looked anything but healthy.

When I started having better eating habits, exercise a little, having less stress, and paying more attention to my hair care, day by day I began to see the difference for the better. Now, after 2 years, my excessive hair loss has stopped.

I am a true believer that a holistic approach is essential for beautiful hair.

Trust me, it isn’t an easy process and I am not saying that you should or must change your lifestyle overnight. Living a natural life is the goal. However, don’t let it overwhelm you.

Alert your mind, hear your body’s needs, pay attention to your inner self. Health and beauty is what you’ll get….and a happy life with gorgeous hair.


Do you care about your hair too?

If you do, stick with me a little longer to see what I can do for you (and decide if you’ll enjoy my company!).

  • You’ll learn new, interesting, practical and helpful stuff for beautiful and healthy hair.
  • I’ll test home hair recipes and treatments that I find interesting and give you information to help you decide if something could suit you.
  • I’ll give you hair care tips, regimens, home remedies.
  • I’ll provide ways to adjust your eating habits and minimize your stressful living.
  • I’ll give you my point of view on market’s hair care products that I use on my hair.
  • We’ll exchange opinions and share insights and experiences.
  • I’ll invite you to share your personal good, bad or even funny hair day stories (always in need for a little happy time!).

Don’t forget! Your hair just adds to your gorgeousness!


You might be wondering why “to hair with love”? Am I really that mad about my hair?
It’s all about perspective.

The look of my hair doesn’t define who I am, how I feel, what I think, how I communicate with you. Even if I get bald that doesn’t make me less of a human being. However, your hair is unique, it’s like a fingerprint!

Also, it affects the first impression we make on others whether we like it or not (we probably don’t like it). We all know that someone can be characterized by the way his/her hair looks, right?

Just remember how you felt on a bad hair day!
(I bet you’ve heard/read that sentence one too many times…)

Most of us have faced, are facing and will face hair issues. So, if I am able to do something to take care of my hair, then why not do it?

The hair never lies.

What I mean by that? If you follow a poor (or bad) diet, you have stress or suffer from an illness and you take medicines, your environment is polluted and your life is not balanced then your hair eventually will tell you that something is wrong. Amazing, isn’t it?

Writing about hair care I have the opportunity to research topics that I also care about. I am passionate for books and articles about psychology, sociology, nutrition, well-being, health, beauty, complementary/alternative medicine.
They are all so unbelievably connected. The hair is my reason to combine them all together. That’s why “to hair with love”.


If I want you to keep hanging out with me, you’d probably like to know some more things about me.

  • I was born in Toronto, Canada, I am Greek-Canadian and I live in Greece.
  • I have a BA in Communications & Mass Media and a Diploma in Drama and Theatre Studies.
  • I don’t know everything but I am excellent in finding the answers. smileyok
  • I have used more hair care products than lipsticks in my life.
  • I love movies and series. Guess what? The first thing I impulsively look is the actresses’ hair!
  • I am a Sagittarius and a philosopher at heart.
  • I enjoy drinking green tea and delicious, healthy smoothies.
  • I love animals, the sea and every form of art.
  • I am deeply puzzled by the injustice in our world. I wish I had a magic wand to spread goodness in everyone’s heart, mind and soul.
  • One of my favorite quotes is “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!” by Oscar Wilde.

Let’s learn and have fun too!

See you inside!

To You With Love.

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