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woman touching her dry hair
How To Make Hair Mask For Dry Hair & Healthy Snack At The Same Time!
Does your hair look rough with split ends and messy and it seems it hasn’t been combed for days? Then you have plenty of reasons to use a hair mask. Do you feel your hair craving for a hair mask for dry hair? Then your hair is really thirsty. Here you go, three yummy home remedies for dry hair to choose from!
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woman looking in the mirror brushing her hair
Hair Growth Vitamins Deficiency? Look In The Mirror!
What's the big secret to healthy and beautiful hair? Well, it's not a secret anymore, but it's big alright! Did you know that the look of your hair and scalp can indicate hair growth vitamins deficiency? Isn’t this remarkable? Your good health depends mostly on a balanced diet consuming all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins (ok, and a little bit of exercise!).
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15 May

Do You Fancy ’70s Hairstyles? Groove Is In The Heart!

70s hairstyles
If I asked you which are the most famous hairstyles of the ‘70s which ones would you think of? I can think at least a dozen. Quite a lot for one decade, don’t you think? (ok I made it to 16 hairstyles, I have them all toghether below in the slider!) Oh, no dear, I don’t have a personal experience! Ok I’m old…but not that old! We have seen so many images of women in the movies, music, fashion, politics that really had a strong impact in that decade. These women influenced other women with their style and eventually became...
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26 Apr

Which Is The Best Treatment Using Olive Oil For Hair Growth?

olive oil for hair in a bowl
There’s no doubt that you have tasted olive oil, but have you used it as a hair mask? I’ve tested 2 home hair recipes that I came across while searching for simple olive oil hair treatments. I’m going to share with you my experience and my hair’s thoughts on each one of these two recipes with olive oil for hair. The fact that olive oil is an exceptionally nutritious food product is unquestionable. But it’s also known, since ancient years, that olive oil for hair is also beneficial. Olive oil has been used by people in the Mediterranean region for centuries (especially...
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