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woman touching her dry hair
How To Make Hair Mask For Dry Hair & Healthy Snack At The Same Time!
Does your hair look rough with split ends and messy and it seems it hasn’t been combed for days? Then you have plenty of reasons to use a hair mask. Do you feel your hair craving for a hair mask for dry hair? Then your hair is really thirsty. Here you go, three yummy home remedies for dry hair to choose from!
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woman looking in the mirror brushing her hair
Hair Growth Vitamins Deficiency? Look In The Mirror!
What's the big secret to healthy and beautiful hair? Well, it's not a secret anymore, but it's big alright! Did you know that the look of your hair and scalp can indicate hair growth vitamins deficiency? Isn’t this remarkable? Your good health depends mostly on a balanced diet consuming all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins (ok, and a little bit of exercise!).
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11 Mar

Itchy Scalp Problem? Shoot For This Smart Quick Trick!

Do you feel if you don’t scratch your itchy scalp now, you are going to bang your head against a wall? And when you do it, you know that’s only a temporary relief from the itching (and it’s so frustrating!). At the same time you are engaging in a vicious cycle of itching and scratching which can seriously infect the skin of your scalp by transferring germs from your fingers and nails. It’s not a dead end. You have the choice to do something, to experiment cautiously until you find that “holy” hair remedy for the trouble on your head....
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14 Feb

How Exotic Argan Oil For Hair Is Made? Do You Know?

argan fruit on the argan tree
Let me introduce to you the argan tree and the production process which gives that luxurious (and quite expensive I might add) argan oil for hair care. What is Argan Oil for hair, where it comes from & how it is produced? Either you have used argan oil for hair growth or not, these questions may have crossed your mind, as they've crossed mine. I know that your time is precious. That's why I have tried to put together all the essential things you need to know about the precious argan tree and its oil for hair, in simple words. I want to...
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