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20 Jul

How To Make A Frozen Fruit Smoothie With Green Tea For Hair Growth!

A glass of fruit smoothie with strawberries, banana and melon.

Ilove fruit smoothies and I love green tea.  What an excellent combination to satisfy these persistent afternoon cravings for something sweet, but healthy thankfully! And since they are good for the hair health too, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite frozen fruit smoothie recipes. It’s so easy to make and absolutely refreshing.

I promise you, you won’t need more than 4 ingredients in your blender!


But first let me give you my top 5 reasons for loving
fruit smoothies

(in case you’re not yet convinced to drink your own fruit smoothie…)


1) I enjoy the sweet taste and its velvety texture.

2) I find this an easy way to consume a lot more fruits than I would normally do.

3) I digest fruits better in liquid form (however, this doesn’t apply for all people).

4) I can be creative and try different blends, so I never get bored.

5) I give my body essential nutrients to function properly, which also my hair uses to grow healthy.


How to make a frozen fruit smoothie?

How To Make A Frozen Fruit Smoothie With Green Tea For Hair Growth!

Let’s see what you’ll need for this one simple smoothie recipe!


Smoothie Ingredients

(for one serving/300ml glass) 

  • 2-3 strawberries (in 4-6 frozen pieces)
  • 1 medium banana (in 6-8 frozen pieces)
  • 1 medium slice of Galia melon (in 6-8 frozen -or not- pieces)
  • 100ml of green iced tea (add more if needed)



  • Pour the green iced tea in the smoothie maker (or stick blender, classic blender….)
  • Take out of the freezer the fruit pieces and add them in the blender.
  • If your blender can crush ice then you can blend them right away. Otherwise, let the fruits sit into the green iced tea just for 3-5 minutes to avoid damaging your blender’s blades.
  • Blend them until you have a nice creamy texture.


And enjoy!

Drink your healthy fruit smoothie as soon as you make it, ok? You don’t want to miss all the hair vitamins and the flavor.


Fruit Smoothie Notes:

check icon  For this fruit smoothie you have to be just a little proactive and have the fruits already washed, sliced and frozen. The melon is not mandatory to be frozen, but it helps if you want your smoothie to be frostier with thicker consistency. And this way you don’t have to dilute the mixture by adding ice.

check icon  If you can’t find a Galia melon you can use any kind of melon you like.

check icon  If it’s difficult to find fresh strawberries and freeze them, you could buy packed frozen strawberries at the grocery store. Not the best choice, but surely a convenient one!

check icon  You can use bottled green iced tea (I use one with lemon flavor) with no added sugar. Your fruits have a lot of natural sugar, no need to add some more! If you don’t have iced green tea, then you probably have green tea bags. Make some hot green tea and when it reaches room temperature cool it in the refrigerator and then use it in the smoothie.


Frozen fruit smoothie recipe with green tea for healthy hair.


Fruit Smoothie & Hair Vitamin Benefits:


Strawberry: take your vitamin C

Vitamin C :

  • is important for the synthesis of collagen, which is essential for hair quality since it helps reduce the hair breakage during its life.
  • improves dry, splitting ends and prevents hair loss.
  • helps the production of tyrosine, which is an amino acid that improves blood flow to the roots, hence keeps hair follicles alive.
  • has antioxidant properties which encourage hair regrowth by stopping oxidative damage to the cells of the follicles.


Banana: take your vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 :

  • is involved in protein metabolism, hence it supports the body functions for healthy hair growth.
  • helps the cells in your hair follicles to have access to the amino acids they need to make hair proteins such as keratin.
  • regulates the function of estrogen and testosterone. When these two hormones are imbalanced they can affect your hair’s health enormously by causing hair thinning and hair loss.
  • provides moisture and elasticity to the hair.


Melon: take your vitamin A

Vitamin A :

  • is essential for the reproduction of cells, which is important for hair growth.
  • has antioxidant properties and protects your hair follicles by destroying the cell-damaging free radicals.
  • helps in the production of the enzymes that stabilize the collagen’s production which is necessary for maintaining healthy hair follicles.
  • keeps your scalp healthy and your hair strong and smooth.


Do you like making smoothies? Which are your favorite healthy smoothie recipes?

To You With Love.

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  • maca

    I’m a fan of smoothies as well over here!!! You need to check out my latest post, I’m featuring a local smoothie brand that is way too cool, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

    Have a lovely weekend,



    July 23, 2016 at 4:37 am Reply
  • Alexis

    Wonderful recipe. I love green smoothies and this is so simple and requires little to no effort. Thanks for the recipe

    July 23, 2016 at 6:12 am Reply
  • Fillia Barden

    Thanks for the recipe. I love it!

    July 24, 2016 at 10:05 am Reply

    This sounds great!! Love the color actually!! Thanks for sharing this nice recipe!! 🙂

    July 25, 2016 at 8:56 pm Reply

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