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woman touching her dry hair
How To Make Hair Mask For Dry Hair & Healthy Snack At The Same Time!
Does your hair look rough with split ends and messy and it seems it hasn’t been combed for days? Then you have plenty of reasons to use a hair mask. Do you feel your hair craving for a hair mask for dry hair? Then your hair is really thirsty. Here you go, three yummy home remedies for dry hair to choose from!
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woman looking in the mirror brushing her hair
Hair Growth Vitamins Deficiency? Look In The Mirror!
What's the big secret to healthy and beautiful hair? Well, it's not a secret anymore, but it's big alright! Did you know that the look of your hair and scalp can indicate hair growth vitamins deficiency? Isn’t this remarkable? Your good health depends mostly on a balanced diet consuming all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins (ok, and a little bit of exercise!).
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16 Jan

15 Of The Best Foods For Hair Growth & How They Reduce Hair Fall

collage photo of some of the best foods for hair growth
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest (hair) of them all? But of course, the one who eats the right kind of foods! :-) You must have heard how the hair quality mirrors our nutritional status, right? And it's a true fact since our hair texture and scalp condition is directly connected to the nutrients we take from food. Lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins can lead to dull and brittle hair and other distressing conditions like dandruff, thinning hair or even hair loss. So, which are the best foods for hair growth? ...
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26 Oct

Will You Make This Cool Mask With Cucumber For Hair Growth? I Just Did!

cucumber for hair growth in the nature
Do you know that dehydrated hair follicles block hair growth? Do you suffer from dry scalp and sensitive hair roots? I know exactly how you feel! If your scalp is dry it can lead to hair breakage, thinning and even hair loss! You could pick just one reason for your suffering, but dry scalp is usually a combination of factors. Some of these factors are season change, high or low temperature, pollution, poor diet, bad choice of hair products, stress, medication or health issues! A few days ago I felt my hair roots so sensitive and my scalp too dry!...
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9 Oct

4 Most Harmful Smoking Effects On Hair! This Is What I Found Out!

You must have heard a million times that smoking is bad for your health, right? But does smoking affect hair growth? Can smoking cause hair loss? Have you ever thought of the smoking effects on hair? You might say "since I know it's my bad for my health and I keep on smoking, why on earth should I bother about my hair?" That's a good point! But why on earth would you want to inhale all these dangerous chemicals in the first place? And let's be honest, I've never heard anyone say "I don't care! I don't mind getting sick...
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29 Aug

All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair! (part 3)

woman with short fine hair walking in the middle of the street
Defining fine hair can be tricky; not only you could have fine thin or thick, straight, wavy or curly hair, but also you could have different hair textures on your head. Yep, it's a headache! However you can get a sense of it if you hold a single hair in between your finger tips. If you can't feel it, then you have fine hair. Also this type of hair texture is usually so thin that light seems to pass through it. Now I believe we are ready to dive into the 3rd and last part of the Fine Hair Series....
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20 Aug

All The Things You Can Do For Your Fine Hair! (part 2)

girl touching her fine hair
Fine hair can be straight or curly, oily or/and dry, but all fine hair combinations have one thing in common; they are fragile by structure and easily damaged! This hair texture is the smoothest by nature, but it lacks the ability to hold on to a hairstyle. Especially if your fine hair is straight, you probably think that you’ve read and tried all fine hair tips available to give that magical boost to your flat hair. And maybe you have tried them or maybe you’re still on the search....
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